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Government Colleges-13

Private Colleges-23


Sl. No.Name of the College1st Cycle Grade and CGPA1st Cycle Date of Accreditation2nd Cycle Grade & CGPA2nd Cycle Date of Accreditation3rd Cycle Grade & CGPA3rd Cycle Date of Accreditation4th Cycle Grade & CGPA4th Cycle Date of Accreditation
1St. Joseph's College, JakhamaB++; (70-75 pts)30th November, 2005B;  2.748th January, 2011A; 3.124th December 2018
2Kohima Science College, JotsomaA; 3.0530th November, 2011A; 3.422nd May, 2017B++; 2.9118th October, 2022
3Patkai Christian College, SeithekemaB++; (80-85 pts)2004A; 3.0628th March, 2010A; 3.2415th-18th November, 2015B++; 2.8313th December 2022


Sl.No.Name of College1st Cycle Grade and CGPA1st Cycle Date of Accreditation2nd Cycle Grade and CGPA2nd Cycle Date of Accreditation3rd Cycle Grade and CGPA3rd Cycle Date of Accreditation
1Fazl Ali College, MokokchungB; 2.2930th September, 2009B; 2.5014th September, 2005A; 3.112th April 2022
2SCTE, KohimaB; 2.5216th September, 2011
3Japfu Christian College, KigwemaB; 2.6330th November, 2011B+; 2.513rd July, 2018
4Kohima College, KohimaB; 2.565th July, 2012B+; 2.630th October, 2017B++; 2.808th July 2023
5Tetso College, DimapurB; 2.525th January, 2013B; 2,4128th March, 2019
6Public College of CommerceB; 2.5021st February, 2014C; 1.6111th June 2019
7Unity College, DimapurB; 2.0221st February, 2015B; 2.4416th November 2021
8Dimapur Government CollegeB; 2.2115th November, 2015B+; 2.5826th July 2022
9Modern College, KohimaB; 2.0215th November, 2015B; 2.1113th September 2021
10Alder College, KohimaB; 2.23February, 2016
11Sakus Mission College, DimapurB+; 2.5715th September, 2016
12Immanuel College, DimapurB+; 2.6715th September, 2016B+; 2.5915th Feb 2022
13Mount Olive College, KohimaB; 2.365th November, 2016B; 2.0326th July 2022
14Pranabananda Women’s College, DimapurB+; 2.6316December, 2016B; 2.037th September 2023
15Sazolie College, Phezhu, JotsomaB+; 2.5216th December, 2016B++; 2.8730th March 2023
16Model Christian College, KohimaB++; 2.772nd May, 2017B++; 2.7630th September 2022
17Kros College, KohimaB; 2.2212th September, 2017
18C-Edge College, DimapurB; 2.1630th October, 2017B; 2.4521st April 2023
19St. John College, DimapurB; 2.093rd July, 2018
20Mt. Tiyi College, WokhaC; 1.782nd Nov, 2018
21Phek Government College, PhekB; 2.184th March, 2019B+; 2.637th June 2024
22S.D. Jain Girls’ College, DimapurC; 1.5328th March, 2019
23Pfütsero Government College, PfütseroB; 2.2718th October, 2019
24Zisaji Presidency College, KiphireB; 2.3414th January, 2020
25Sao Chang College, Tuensang.C; 1.864th May, 2020
26Zunheboto Govt. College, ZunhebotoB; 2.434th May, 2020
27Eastern Christian College, DimapurB; 2.3315th February, 2021
28Don Bosco College, KohimaC; 1.858th April, 2021
29Yingli College, LonglengB+; 2.573rd May, 2022
30Wangkhao Government College, MonB+; 2.553rd May, 2022
31Nursing College, CIHSRB; 2.0125th February, 2022
32St. Xavier College, JalukieA; 3.1214th March, 2023
33Baptist CollegeC; 1.998th July 2023

NAAC Latest Grading System w.e.f. July, 2017 as per the New Accreditation Framework

Range of Institutional CGPALetter Grade
3.51 - 4.00A++
3.26 - 3.50A+
3.01 - 3.25A
2.76 - 3.00B++
2.51 - 2.75B+
2.01 - 2.50B
1.51 - 2.00C
<= 1.50D